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"Field Enhancement Planner (FEP) become mandatory in the existing technical world to manage the sales executives and to maintain your prospects. Field force automation makes easier to manage number of Executives and Managers at the same time and gives you the detailed report of their day to day work.Our vision through this software is to provide technical solution to sales and marketing management and to analyze and Implement new strategies towards the growth and improvement of the organization.We ensure our quality service and our software features will make you recommend us to others."



Schedule with Time management:

  • Representative’s and Managers can schedule their appointments from their mobile app easily.
  • Day and time of doctor’s regular visits ensures the appointment schedule with time management.
  • Representative’s dashboard gives information about planned calls, visited calls and missed calls of doctor visit, chemist visit and stockist visit.
  • Schedule frequency restriction makes sure reps not to visit the same client unnecessarily in limited period of time.
  • Reps can view their total number of doctors allotted and visited doctors list till date which ensures whether all client are visited in a month.
  • Manager App- Manager can schedule appointments for Reps and get immediate report as soon as they visit.
  • Manager and Admin can review reps Schedule and ensure the territory coverage and planning of individual reps.
  • Team and Individual Scheduled appointments can be viewed in single screen enables to know the planning .

Report on client location:

  • Geo Fence and tagging in client location enables the rep to report from the client location to ensure their visit with date and time.
  • Mobile form reporting – Check box, drop down menu and just a simple text makes your report ready with required details. It can be customized according to the company regulations.
  • Effective work plan with instant report makes an efficient work.
  • Driving Direction – New to area? no need of searching the client place and waste time. Just get the driving direction to the client place from your current location in single click.
  • Review Previous calls – Review past calls remind you about the conversation happened with the client just to recall in your busy schedule as you visit many clients everyday.
  • Unavailable client report – Unavailability of clients report in simple text in Mobile form with the location ensures the reps work and avoid the same situation again to maintain your precious time.
  • Manager Review & approval – Manager can view the reported location, if there is any deviation from the client location approval or declaim of the calls can be done through mobile app.
  • Manager can review the report with planned calls, Visited calls, Unplanned calls & Postponed calls of individual reps.
  • When the reps finish the calls manager can view the consolidated reports, doctor wise, month wise report, date wise reports etc., through their mobile app.
  • Switch to Rep: In case of vacant area or unavailability of Rep the Manager can act as a rep by converting their mobile app view to Reps view and work in that area using this option.

Expense and allowance automation:

  • Predefined allowance for each and every reps and managers will be automatically generated according to their reports ( HQ, Ex Station, Out Station, ETC.,).
  • Expense can be sent instantly from the mobile app when ever required.
  • Start time and end time of the calls ensures their work time.
  • Restriction of minimum calls with daily allowance per day ensures the day productivity of your field force.
  • Month end statement of claims and expenses after the approval of the manager and admin can be viewed in the mobile app.

E -Purchase Order Booking: (“E-POB”):

  • Purchase order or personal order management – Reps and mangers can book purchase orders from the client location using simple click and enter option through mobile app.
  • Location based orders enables to ensure the client place and for the next process.
  • Product, Quantity, Purchase Qty, Free Qty options makes ease through mobile app.
  • POB can be reviewed by manager and Admin for the approval and check out process.
  • POB list view enables Reps to know their Target Vs Achievement to make their work more effective.
  • Admin can confirm the POB by entering the Bill Number and Bill date in the Mobile app and web application.

E – RCPA (Retail Chemist Prescription Audit):

  • Make strategic decision with live audit details, enhance your success using “E-RCPA” .
  • E-RCPA adds more value to our mobile app, which can be done in simple click and type option.
  • RCPA is designed according to your company requirement and format in Mobile form.
  • No need to spend valuable time for analyzing the compotators details and clients current status.
  • Be aware of market potential, compotator details, Client current status and other required details instantly.

Field Force real time tracking:

  • Manager and Admin can see where the field force are in real time.
  • Keeps your team sincere and responsible for their work using real time tracking option.
  • This ensures the territory coverage with out any deviations and guide the field force in real time.
  • Day wise tracking report of individual reps with time tag helps to know their day productivity and to improve it.

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