Pharmaceutical company Sales & Marketing analysis

Pharmaceutical company analyses the sales happened in the market by two ways Primary Sales analysis and secondary sales analysis.

Analysing the Primary sales is easy in the pharmaceutical field but the accuracy of the value cannot be judged from the current method of manual analysis. Stock and Sales statement which the stockiest gives may have some flaws and the data which is taken from the statement will show variation from the actual value.

Whereas Secondary sales analysis is little time taking and difficult to analyse. The area wise statement which gives the value of the secondary sales is split by the representatives manually with their respective area. The data is not stored and referred for the future purpose..

Both Primary and Secondary sales analysis have many flaws in the manual analysis and values cannot be judged by the company in the current method of analysis. Primary and secondary are inter dependent on each other. Secondary gives the value from root of the market and primary shows the over view.


SEP-Sales Enhancement Planner software

SEP gives you a clear picture of your sales happened in the market

  • Which product is moving well and which product should have more concentration.
  • Which area shows high value sales and low value sales
  • Who is supporting us for the sales
  • What is the individual representatives performance
  • Top charts of Area, Product, Chemist, Doctor
  • Market potential of each product
  • Retail chemist prescription audit
  • Individual product growth
  • Month wise comparison of sales – Product wise, Area wise, representative wise, etc.,
  • Gap analysis – Sales gap analysis, product gap analysis
  • Graphical representation of sales ( Bar graph, Pie Charts)
  • Month wise growth comparison – Value wise & quantity wise
  • Offer tracking
  • Return analysis of products
  • Primary and secondary sales comparison
  • Taking the sales value of primary from the secondary report for accurate value
  • Yearly sales comparison, month on month sales comparison
  • Doctor wise sales analysis & Lot more…..

SEP is customized according to your company’s requirement and we provide with mobile application to make you move informative in the market. Multiple logins with hierarchy views. “Stay informative – move informative”.

“Adapt to the technology via SEP – Implement your new strategies from the reports – Achieve your Goal” .

Marketing analysis starts from the root of the market that is by analysing the Field force productivity.

Field analysis also have a major role in the sales and marketing companies. Field force is the back bone of any pharmaceutical company and it is highly necessary to analyse what is happening in the field. In the current method of reporting the representatives spend much time and money in sending the reports to the managers, Managers spend more time in analysing the reports and reports are based on trust and there may be some flaws in the reports.

Give your team a tool that makes them report instantly from the client place in a minute. Make them more productive by giving them an enhancement planner which can schedule plan and execute their daily calls in an easier way.


Field Enhancement Planner

First time in the industry of sales and marketing a software which is customized according to your requirements in order to manage and improvise your field force team. Adapt to the technology - convert your traditional way of managing to Mobile and web application.

Analyse the reports of the field force in smarter way through mobile application instantly with numerous reports.

  • Effective Schedule and planner –Planning is everything
  • Instant location based report –Make trust with reports
  • Doctor management with product and chemist mapping –Be confident
  • Report review on field –Know what happened in past
  • Direction to the client place –No more searching
  • Purchase order booking –Instant POB
  • RCPA – Retail Chemist Prescription Audit –Know your market share
  • Claims and allowance management –Reduce your burden
  • “E” Visual aid –Explain technically with technology
  • Target Vs. Achievement report –Know your target
  • Campaign management –Engage with clients effectively
  • Internal communication with team –Team management
  • Hierarchy reporting system –Know your performance
  • Customized report view –See your traditional reporting format
  • Missed call reports analysis –Know where you missed
  • Call average reports & lot more features to improvise your Field force team management...

We provide with the web and mobile application to ensure your time management and productivity. Reports can be customized according to your company's traditions. Our software will be as per your requirement more than your expectation.

"Adapt - Implement - Succeed"

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